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Potato deforming mosaic (PDM), known since about 1950, is increasing in importance and nn the main potato growing area of Argentina it is numerically at least as important as potato leaf roll virus and virus Y. It has not been reported from other parts of the world. The symptoms consist of large irregular chlorotic spots accompanied by leaf deformations. In(More)
Growth and activities of peroxidases, chitinases and glucanases were studied in order to evaluate the response of calli and roots of pink root-susceptible Allium cepa cvs. Valcatorce and T-412 and resistant A. fistulosum cv. Nogiwa Negi, to sterile culture filtrates of Phoma terrestris. Untreated calli and roots of A. fistulosum exhibited higher activity of(More)
Downy mildew is an economically important and widespread disease in quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) growing areas. Although in many studies Peronospora farinosa is most commonly regarded as the causal agent of the disease, identification and classification of the pathogen remain still uncertain due to its taxonomic confusion. Thirty-six Peronospora isolates(More)
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