Rolf D.W. Klemm

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Biological tenderness differences between longissimus muscles (LM) from Bos indicus and Bos taurus breeds were evaluated. Steers and heifers of Hereford x Angus (H x A, n = 10), 3/8 Sahiwal x H, A or H x A (3/8 SAH, n = 6) and 5/8 Sahiwal x H, A or H x A (5/8 SAH, n = 11) crosses were utilized. Muscle temperature and pH were monitored every 3 h for the(More)
This study aimed to construct indices of living standards in rural Bangladesh that could be useful to study health outcomes or identify target populations for poverty-alleviation programmes. The indices were constructed using principal component analysis of data on household assets and house construction materials. Their robustness and use was tested and(More)
In the last decade, geographic information systems (GIS) have become accessible to researchers in developing countries, yet guidance remains sparse for developing a GIS. Drawing on experience in developing a GIS for a large community trial in rural Bangladesh, six stages for constructing, maintaining, and using a GIS for health research purposes were(More)
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