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Soil and Stem Water Storage Determine Phenology and Distribution of Tropical Dry Forest Trees
Many trees of tropical dry forests flower or form new shoots soon after leaf shedding during the dry season, i.e., during a period when trees are likely to be severely water stressed. To resolve thisExpand
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Climatic Periodicity, Phenology, and Cambium Activity in Tropical Dry Forest Trees
The seasonal time course of vegetative phenology and cambium growth is compared for tree species from Central America and Asia growing in tropical climates with a long, severe dry season. AlthoughExpand
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Increasing day-length induces spring flushing of tropical dry forest trees in the absence of rain
Abstract. In many conspecific trees of >50 species highly synchronous bud break with low inter-annual variation was observed during the late dry season, around the spring equinox, in semideciduousExpand
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Photoperiodic induction of synchronous flowering near the Equator
In tropical rainforests, 30–65% of tree species grow at densities of less than one individual per hectare. At these low population densities, successful cross-pollination relies on synchronousExpand
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Phenology of temperate trees in tropical climates
Several North American broad-leaved tree species range from the northern United States at ∼47°N to moist tropical montane forests in Mexico and Central America at 15–20°N. Along this gradient theExpand
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Phenology and control of flowering in tropical trees
Descriptions of structure and flowering phenology of the tropical tree species Cedrela mexicana, Cordia glabra, Erythrina poeppigiana. Tabebuia rosea, and Tabebuia ochrea ssp. neochrysantha are usedExpand
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Water status and development of tropical trees during seasonal drought
SummaryBud break, shoot growth and flowering of trees involve cell expansion, known to be inhibited by moderate water deficits. In apparent contradiction to physiological theory, many trees flower orExpand
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Leaf flushing during the dry season: the paradox of Asian monsoon forests
Aim Most deciduous species of dry monsoon forests in Thailand and India form new leaves 1‐2 months before the first monsoon rains, during the hottest and driest part of the year around the springExpand
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Induction of rehydration and bud break by irrigation or rain in decidous trees of a tropical dry forest in Costa Rica
SummaryClusters of 2–4 bare, deciduous hardwood trees and woody vines in a dry upland forest in Costa Rica were surrounded by scaffolding and rehydration was induced during the dry season byExpand
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