Rolf Binder

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Estrogen regulates the hepatic synthesis of a variety of proteins required for egg yolk production in oviparous vertebrates. In chickens, two of these proteins, apolipoprotein (apo) B and apoII, comprise the major protein components of specialized very low density lipoprotein particles that transport triacylglycerols and cholesterol to the developing egg(More)
The present study was undertaken to investigate the pharmacokinetics of 1,8-cineol in human subjects during prolonged inhalation. The results showed that 1,8-cineol is well absorbed from breathing air, with a peak plasma concentration after approximately 18 min. The elimination of this fragrance compound from the blood is biphasic, with a mean distribution(More)
We demonstrate the generation and detection of electron spin coherence in a quantum well waveguide without either an external or internal dc magnetic field. In the absence of spin precession, the induced spin coherence is detected through effects of quantum interference in the spectral domain coherent nonlinear optical response. We interpret the(More)
We review recent theoretical and experimental efforts toward developing an all-optical switch based on transverse optical patterns. Transverse optical patterns are formed when counterpropagating laser beams interact with a nonlinear medium. A perturbation, in the form of a weak switch beam injected into the nonlinear medium, controls the orientation of the(More)
PACS 71.35.-y – Excitons and related phenomena PACS 78.47.+p – Time-resolved optical spectroscopies and other ultrafast optical measurements in condensed matter PACS 42.65.Sf – Dynamics of nonlinear optical systems; optical instabilities, optical chaos and complexity, and optical spatio-temporal dynamics Abstract.-Based on a microscopic many-particle(More)
Nonequilibrium patterns in open systems are ubiquitous in nature, with examples as diverse as desert sand dunes, animal coat patterns such as zebra stripes, or geographic patterns in parasitic insect populations. A theoretical foundation that explains the basic features of a large class of patterns was given by Turing in the context of chemical reactions(More)
Development of fully wireless miniature implantable medical devices is challenging due to inefficiencies of electrically small antennas and tissue-induced electromagnetic power loss. Transcutaneous loss is quantified through in vivo studies and, along with analysis of antenna efficiencies and available FCC allocated bands, is analyzed for determining the(More)
Neuroleptic dosing practices during inpatient treatment of schizophrenia were examined for 1490 admission episodes during 1973 through to 1982 in two wards of a university hospital. Chlorpromazine-equivalent dose levels (CPZE) declined 50% between 1974 and 1980. As expected, length of treatment and choice of drug were both strongly related to CPZE. The(More)