Rolando Medellin-Gasque

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Autonomous planning agents that share a common goal should be able to propose, justify and share information about plans. To reach an agreement on the best plan, strategies for persuasion and negotiation can be used by agents in order to share their beliefs about the world and resolve conflicts between the agents. We present an argumentation scheme and(More)
In this article, we present a proposal to enable agents to discuss the suitability of plans based on an argumentation scheme and associated critical questions. Agents coordinate their beliefs, intentions and preferences using a dialogue game based on this argumentation scheme and its critical questions. The detail encompassed by the argumentation scheme(More)
Agents that engage in a dialogue about co-operative plans need to argue about the planning elements in a structured way. We present a Dialogue Game protocol based on an argumentation scheme for plan proposals and associated critical questions that allows agents to engage in dialogues regarding such plans. The syntax of the protocol is presented along with(More)
Verification that agent communication protocols have desirable properties or do not have undesirable properties is an important issue in agent systems where agents intend to communicate using such protocols. In this paper we explore the use of model checkers to verify properties of agent communication protocols, with these properties expressed as formulae(More)
The constant emergence and change of current technologies in the form of digital products and services can cause certain groups of the population to feel excluded. Older adults represent one such group. Our research combines computational models of argument and human-centric computing to impact the way in which older adults interact with broadcast debates.(More)
Current methods to capture, analyse and present the audience participation of broadcast events are increasingly carried out using social media. Uptake of such technology tools has so far been poor amongst older adults, and it has the worrying effect of excluding the demographic from participation. Our work explores whether a common desire to interact with(More)
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