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The above-ground biomass (AGB) of tropical forests is a crucial variable for ecologists, biogeochemists, foresters and policymakers. Tree inventories are an efficient way of assessing forest carbon stocks and emissions to the atmosphere during deforestation. To make correct inferences about long-term changes in biomass stocks, it is essential to know the(More)
The assembly of DNA barcode libraries is particularly relevant within species-rich natural communities for which accurate species identifications will enable detailed ecological forensic studies. In addition, well-resolved molecular phylogenies derived from these DNA barcode sequences have the potential to improve investigations of the mechanisms underlying(More)
Tolerance to peripheral body antigens involves multiple mechanisms, namely T-cell-mediated suppression of potentially autoimmune cells. Recent in vivo and in vitro evidence indicates that regulatory T cells suppress the response of effector T cells by a mechanism that requires the simultaneous conjugation of regulatory and effector T cells with the same(More)
The two main causes of gastrointestinal bleeding in cirrhosis are oesophageal varices and portal hypertensive gastropathy (PHG). Rebleeding from varices can be prevented by beta-blockers, but it is not clear whether these drugs effectively reduce rebleeding from PHG. 54 cirrhotic patients with acute or chronic bleeding from severe PHG took part in a(More)
The stereotype content model (SCM) proposes potentially universal principles of societal stereotypes and their relation to social structure. Here, the SCM reveals theoretically grounded, cross-cultural, cross-groups similarities and one difference across 10 non-US nations. Seven European (individualist) and three East Asian (collectivist) nations (N=1,028)(More)
The presence of substantial amounts of GM3 ganglioside on human melanomas and other tumours, together with its peculiar biological properties, makes this glycolipid a unique target for cancer immunotherapy. B16 mouse melanoma expresses GM3 and constitutes an appropriate model for the development of novel GM3-based vaccines. Recently, we hydrophobically(More)
The progressive frontalization of both eyes in mammals causes overlap of the left and right visual fields, having as a consequence a region of binocular field with single vision and stereopsis. The horizontal separation of the eyes makes the retinal images of the objects lying in this binocular field have slight horizontal and vertical differences, termed(More)
UNLABELLED Monoclonal antibody (moAb) ior egf/r3 is an IgG2a that recognizes the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGF-R). The aim of this study was to evaluate the diagnostic efficacy of the 99mTc-labeled moAb ior egf/r3 for the detection of epithelial-derived tumors, their metastases and recurrences. METHODS One hundred forty-eight adult patients (51(More)
Tropical forest vegetation is shaped by climate and by soil, but understanding how the distributions of individual tree species respond to specific resources has been hindered by high diversity and consequent rarity. To study species over an entire community, we surveyed trees and measured soil chemistry across climatic and geological gradients in central(More)
UNLABELLED Accurate estimation of biodistribution and absorbed dose to normal organs and tumors is important for immunoscintigraphic studies and radioimmunotherapy treatment planning. METHODS Four patients (3 men, 1 woman; mean age 54.8 +/- 9.2 yr; range 42-64 yr) were administered 3 mg of anti-human epidermal growth factor receptor (anti-hEGF-r) antibody(More)