Rolando José González

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Proximate composition, fatty acids and amino acid profiles and nutritional (chemical score, protein digestibility, PDCAAS and mineral dialyzability) and antioxidant properties (TEAC, DPPH and power(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of diets with different types of fibres on Ca bioavailability and metabolic parameters in growing Wistar rats. Twenty four male Wistar rats were(More)
The effects of the addition of soy flour and whey protein concentrate (WPC) on dough properties and mold bread quality were studied. Farinograph and alveograph were used to evaluate dough properties.(More)
Physicochemical properties and structural characteristics of whole rice flours with different treatments (soaking, germination and extrusion cooking) were studied. Water solubility, water absorption,(More)
In order to analyze the effects of extrusion temperature (T: 164, 182, 200 °C) and grits moisture content (g/100 g sample) (%M: 14, 16.5, 19) on textural and physicochemical properties of red sorghum(More)