Rolando Célleri

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The scarcity of water resources in mountain areas can distort normal water application patterns with among other effects, a negative impact on water supply and river ecosystems. Knowing the probability of droughts might help to optimize a priori the planning and management of the water resources in general and of the Andean watersheds in particular. This(More)
Precipitation event samples and weekly based water samples from streams and soils were collected in a tropical montane cloud forest catchment for 2 years and analyzed for stable water isotopes in order to understand the effect of sampling frequency in the performance of three lumped-parameter distribution functions (exponential-piston flow, linear-piston(More)
A laser-optical disdrometer served as reference to assess the absolute percent bias of calculated rainfall intensity using the data of different-resolution tipping-bucket rain gauges classically applied by climatologists and hydrologists in the Andean region. Additionally, the impact of the calculation method (tip counting versus cubic spline interpolation)(More)
Understanding of evapotranspiration (ET) processes over Andean mountain environments is crucial, particularly due to the importance of these regions to deliver water-related ecosystem services. In this context, the detection of spatio-temporal changes in ET remains poorly investigated for specific Andean ecosystems, like the páramo. To overcome this lack of(More)
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