Rolando Berlinguer Palmini

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At the end of the force transient elicited by a fast stretch applied to an activated frog muscle fiber, the force settles to a steady level exceeding the isometric level preceding the stretch. We showed previously that this excess of tension, referred to as "static tension," is due to the elongation of some elastic sarcomere structure, outside the cross(More)
Protease-activated receptor-1 (PAR1) is activated by a number of serine proteases, including plasmin. Both PAR1 and plasminogen, the precursor of plasmin, are expressed in the central nervous system. In this study we examined the effects of plasmin in astrocyte and neuronal cultures as well as in hippocampal slices. We find that plasmin evokes an increase(More)
Studying neuronal processes such as synaptic summation, dendritic physiology and neural network dynamics requires complex spatiotemporal control over neuronal activities. The recent development of neural photosensitization tools, such as channelrhodopsin-2 (ChR2), offers new opportunities for non-invasive, flexible and cell-specific neuronal stimulation.(More)
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