Roland Wittmann

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This paper is another case study in the program of logically analyzing proofs to extract new (typically effective) information (‘proof mining’). We extract explicit uniform rates of metastability (in the sense of T. Tao) from two ineffective proofs of a classical theorem of F.E. Browder on the convergence of approximants to fixed points of nonexpansive(More)
Spacetrees are a popular formalism to describe dynamically adaptive Cartesian grids. Even though they directly yield a mesh, it is often computationally reasonable to embed regular Cartesian blocks into their leaves. This promotes stencils working on homogeneous data chunks. The choice of a proper block size is sensitive. While large block sizes foster loop(More)
In this paper we present a new stable algorithm for the parallel QR-decomposition of ”tall and skinny” matrices. The algorithm has been developed for the dense symmetric eigensolver ELPA, whereat the QR-decomposition of tall and skinny matrices represents an important substep. Our new approach is based on the fast but unstable CholeskyQR algorithm [1]. We(More)
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