Roland Wilson

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A new form of image estimator, which takes account of linear features, is derived using a signal equivalent formulation. The estimator is shown to be a nonstationary linear combination of three stationary estimators. The relation of the estimator to human visual physiology is discussed. A method for estimating the nonstationary control information is(More)
Image coding methods based on adaptive wavelet transforms and those employing zerotree quantization have been shown to be successful. We present a general zerotree structure for an arbitrary wavelet packet geometry in an image coding framework. A fast basis selection algorithm is developed; it uses a Markov chain based cost estimate of encoding the image(More)
This paper presents a vascular representation and segmentation algorithm based on a multiresolution Hermite model (MHM). A two-dimensional Hermite function intensity model is developed which models blood vessel profiles in a quad-tree structure over a range of spatial resolutions. The use of a multiresolution representation simplifies the image modeling and(More)
-A new approach to the problem of image segmentation is presented. By combining a nonparametric classifier, based on a clustering algorithm, with a quad-tree representation of the image, the scheme is both simple to implement and performs well, giving satisfactory results at signal-to-noise ratios well below 1. The results of an analysis of the algorithm(More)
A model of natural texture based on a structural component that uses affine coordinate transformations and a stochastic residual component is presented. It is argued that the selection of an appropriate analysis scale can be formulated in terms of a tradeoff between the rate at which parameters are generated and the distortion resulting from the(More)
In this paper, a class of Random Field model, defined on a multiresolution array is used in the segmentation of gray level and textured images. The novel feature of one form of the model is that it is able to segment images containing unknown numbers of regions, where there may be significant variation of properties within each region. The estimation(More)