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Dutch: Biography of a Language
Chapter One: Who speaks Dutch and where? Chapter Two: Old Dutch. Its Ancestors and Its Contemporaries Chapter Three: Middle Dutch: Language and Literature Chapter Four: Early New Dutch 1500-1800Expand
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The Dutch-French Language Border in Belgium
This article is restricted to a description of language border fluctuations in Belgium as far as its Dutch-French portion is concerned. After a brief description of the so-called 'language question'Expand
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Dialektverlust im niederländischen Sprachraum
The aim of this article is to illustrate and analyse the variable process of dialect loss on the internal periphery (in the Netherlands, the region outside the Hollands area in the west) and on theExpand
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Pluricentric principles in the standardization of 19th century Dutch
AbstractAs the official language of Belgium and The Netherlands Dutch is in a so-called pluricentric position. After the political split of the Netherlands at the end of the 16th century, French hadExpand
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