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The loss of the grasp function in cervical spinal cord injured (SCI) patients leads to life-long dependency on caregivers and to a tremendous decrease of the quality of life. This article introduces the novel non-invasive modular hybrid neuro-orthosis OrthoJacket for the restoration of the restricted or completely lost hand and arm functions in high(More)
The American Association for Artificial Intelligence is pleased to present the AAAI  Fall Symposium Series, to be held Friday through Sunday, November -. The Symposium Series will be preceded on Thursday, November  by a one-day AI funding seminar, which will be open to all registered attendees of the fall symposium series. The titles of the eight(More)
The use of active prostheses for the lower extremity is limited by the amount of electric energy stored in batteries. A promising way to extend their usage time is to convert motions generated by the human body during walking to electrical energy. A first functioning prototype was designed to transfer kinetic energy from heel contact and forefoot contact to(More)
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