Roland Weidlich

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The general product development can be divided into three phases: creative, conceptual and engineering phase. All phases of the complete life cycle of a product are supported by various IT-systems often called 'CAx' 1-systems. Therefore CAD-education should be extended to 'CAx-education' and pay attention to all phases of the life cycle. When looking at(More)
Among the complications after surgical interventions carried out on the Ganglion semilunare because of a trigeminal neuralgia the reason why Keratopathia neuroparalytica plays a role is the fact that it very frequently leads to partial or total blindness of the affected eye. The pathogenesis of the keratopathy is still being disputed. The appraisal of the(More)
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  • 1996
Alfred Graefe is one of the three important ophthalmologists of the Graefe family in the nineteenth century, who were engaged scientifically with squint. He dealt with disorders of ocular motility in twenty publications. In: "The indication of operative treatment of paretic eye deviations" Graefe suggested three operative principles: Resection of the(More)
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