Roland Walbaum

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We report on four patients from three families, with similar radiological findings: absent (or severely delayed) ossification of vertebral bodies and associated anomalies. The babies were stillborn or died soon after birth of respiratory insufficiency. Two patients are sibs (female and male) born to first cousin Malian parents. The two others were(More)
A partial monosomy 13 by interstitial deletion was found in the complement of a girl with mild mental retardation and bilateral retinoblastoma. Break points were at 13q12 and 13q14. After comparison with other known observations of retinoblastoma with deletion of chromosome 13, it is suggested that the deletion common to these patients may be band 13q14.(More)
A North African brother and his sister, whose parents were first cousins, presented with the same disorder. It consisted of congenital dwarfism, facial dysmorphy and several skeletal anomalies including bilateral agenesis of the ala of scapula and hypoplasia of the ala of ilium and acetabulum, responsible for hip dislocation. No similar case was found in(More)