Roland Tuerk

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A homogeneous HDL-c assay (HDL-H), which uses polyethylene glycol-modified enzymes and sulfated alpha-cyclodextrin, was assessed for precision, accuracy, and cholesterol and triglyceride interference. In addition, its analytical performance was compared with that of a phosphotungstic acid (PTA)/MgCl2 precipitation method (HDL-P). Within-run CVs were < or =(More)
The value of high resolution real time sonography for the detection of cervical lymph-node metastases in head and neck cancers was assessed in 118 histological proven cases. The accuracy of sonography (89%) proved to be superior to palpation (80%). In 9 patients a thrombosis of the internal jugular vein was detected. The ability of sonography to detect(More)
In a prospective study, 178 patients with tumours of the salivary glands were examined both clinically and by ultrasound. All patients have since been operated upon, and the diagnosis was confirmed histologically. The diagnostic accuracy of clinical examination is compared with that of ultrasound. Every tumour of the salivary glands could be diagnosed by(More)
In 23 patients with sialolithiasis the value of real time sonography was investigated. The calculi were correctly diagnosed in 91% of the patients. 3 of 4 calculi could be localized in the main duct of the salivary gland. Because of the high accuracy and the possibility to detect non opaque stones, sonography should be performed, if on plain film the(More)
The tendon of the human stapedius muscle was studied in normal post mortem material and in clinical otosclerotic patients, using light and electron microscopy. Cross section profiles of collagen fibrils were measured in various regions of the tendon and the amount of elastin was estimated. The normal stapedius tendon consisted of three concentrically(More)
Due to the important improvement represented by the latest computed tomography (CT) technology in respect of detail and excellent contrast resolution normal and pathological structures of the inner and middle ear can be visualised. The clinical and diagnostic value of CT in comparison to standard x-rays and tomography is prospectively evaluated on the basis(More)
The diagnosis and therapy of hearing loss in early childhood should start in the first year of live, otherwise there will arise special difficulties in the further development. The first steps in diagnosis are undertaken by various medical specialists, the exact determination of the hearing loss should be done at a pedaudiological center. The various(More)
First of all there is an introduction regarding the significance of hearing-defects in small children (0-3 years), concerning aswell the development of personality as also divergences in the development of language. After a short survey over the methods of early recognition of hearing defected small children and the supply of a hearing-aid a therapy-concept(More)