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Human body-language is one of the richest and most obscure sources of information in inter-personal communication which we aim to re-introduce into the classroom's ecosystem. In this paper we present our observations of student-to-student influence and measurements. We show parallels with previous theories and formulate a new concept for measuring the level(More)
Can we predict students attention from a classroom video? We present our system for analysing movement of students in classroom during a lecture. We go into details about the technical side for analysing motion of people with limited visibility, and we present preliminary results which show how the neighbourhood and location in the classroom affect(More)
Educational disadvantage is an essentially contested, political concept. At the same time there is a " phoney consensus " (O'Sullivan, 1999) surrounding the issue, i.e., policy debates on the topic often fail to reflect this contestation. This lack of awareness of the political context to the debate is evident in relation to the targets and measures set for(More)
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