Roland Streiff

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 A genetic map of Pedunculate oak (Quercus robur) was constructed based on one 5S rDNA, 271 RAPD, ten SCAR, 18 microsatellite, one minisatellite, and six isozyme markers. A total of 94 individuals from a full-sib family was genotyped. Two maps, including 307 markers, were constructed according to the “two-way pseudo-testcross” mapping strategy. Testcross(More)
In this study a size selected genomic library from Quercus petraea was screened for (GA/CT)n-microsatellite sequences. The resulting loci were analysed by PCR for their usefulness as molecular markers in Q. petraea and Q. robur. 17 out of 52 tested primer pairs resulted in the amplification of a polymorphic single-locus pattern. The number of alleles found(More)
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