Roland Stolt

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One important part of the manufacturing process of aerospace components is making inspections using Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI). This mandatory inspection represents a non-negligible part of the manufacturing and service cost. It is therefore important to make the geometry of the components suitable for inspection i.e. practicing Design for(More)
This paper presents the results from a research project conducted by the research group Computer Supported Engineering Design (CSED) in Jonkoping University in Sweden. The project has the aim of increasing companies’ ability to respond to fluctuating requirements when developing new products and product variants. The companies participating in the project(More)
Increasing competition in cost efficiency, lead-times, product quality, quotation accuracy, and abilities to provide customization drives companies toward development and adoption of new methods. To re-use knowledge gained from previous projects in order to avoid producing the same knowledge again and to circumvent previously encountered obstacles is an(More)
Product platforms has been widely accepted in industry as a means to reach both high product variety while maintaining business efficiency. For suppliers of highly customised products, however, the development of a platform based upon pre-defined modules is a challenge. This is due to the large differences between the various systems their products are to(More)
The aero-engine industry is continuously faced with new challenging cost and environmental requirements. This forces company’s, active in the industry, to work toward more fuel efficient engines with less environmental impact at a lower cost. This paper presents a method for assessing producibility of large sets of components within aircraft engines to(More)
This paper is a summary of master thesis written in the fall of 2015 in the department of Product Development in Jonkoping University in Sweden as a part of a research project with focus on the implementation and management of systems for design automation and design for manufacturing. It includes an implementation with the aim of enhancing a system(More)
Companies developing highly customized products within the supplier industry are continuously faced with fluctuating requirements during both the quotation process and continued development. This research proposes a platform approach to aid suppliers when modularity or platform scalability do not suffice. The platform approach, Design Platform, focuses on(More)
Individualized products, resource-smart design and production, and a focus on customer value have been pointed out as three opportunities for Swedish industry to stay competitive on a globalized market. All these three opportunities can be gained by efficient design and manufacture of highly customized products. However, this requires the development and(More)