Roland Starr

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Patients with standard total hip arthroplasties may have reduced hip abduction and extension moments when compared with normal nonosteoarthritic hips. In comparison, patients after resurfacing total hip arthroplasty appear to have a near-normal gait. The authors evaluated temporal-spatial parameters, hip kinematics, and kinetics in hip resurfacing patients(More)
INTRODUCTION Knee osteoarthritis causes debilitating pain, and results in characteristic gait changes. Some authors believe that a system of neuromuscular retraining may improve these parameters. We therefore evaluated a novel brace that combines pneumatic joint unloading and active swing-assist to assess: (1) differences in pain levels or medication usage;(More)
The intra-subject repeatability of measuring the three dimensional (3D) angular kinematics of the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex during running was evaluated. Spatio-temporal parameters were found to be repeatable. All angular kinematic parameters displayed high within-day repeatability despite numerous potential sources of variability in the data. Most angular(More)
PURPOSE Isolated congenital clubfoot can be treated either operatively (posteromedial release) or conservatively (Ponseti method). This study retrospectively compared mid-term outcomes after surgical and Ponseti treatments to a normal sample and used multiple evaluation techniques, such as detailed gait analysis and foot kinematics. METHODS Twenty-six(More)
Pneumatic unloader bracing with extension assists have been proposed as a non-operative modality that may delay the need for knee surgery by reducing pain and improving function. This prospective, randomized trial evaluated 52 patients who had knee osteoarthritis for changes in: (1) muscle strength; (2) objective functional improvements; (3); subjective(More)
Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is increasing in the United States, and some have proposed the use of unloader bracing as an adjunct to current standard treatments. Our purpose was to evaluate outcomes of this brace for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis compared with standard non-operative treatment. Specifically, we evaluated: (1) pain relief, (2) objective(More)
More than 20 million individuals in the United States are affected by knee osteoarthritis (OA), which can lead to altered biomechanics and excessive joint loading. The use of an unloader pneumatic brace with extension assist has been proposed as a nonoperative treatment modality that may improve gait mechanics and correct knee malalignment. We assessed the(More)
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