Roland Schorr

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The sequence motif 5' TYTTCACATGY 3' functions as an upstream activation site common to both yeast fatty acid synthase genes, FAS1 and FAS2. In addition, this UASFAS element is shared by all so far characterized genes of yeast phospholipid biosynthesis. We have investigated the influence of a functional INO4 gene previously described as a regulator of(More)
The risk of operation during pregnancy is a concern to both patients and surgeons. Operative treatment for gallstone disease during pregnancy is therefore performed only when the severity of symptoms exceeds the tolerance of the patient. The insufflation of the abdomen during laparoscopy and the concerns regarding adequate exposure are significant in the(More)
For 34-44 days after weaning one group of rats was raised in a socially enriched environment, whereas another group was raised in isolated individual cages without handling. Following this differential rearing subjects were tested for ingestional neophobia and its attenuation, enhancement of ingestional neophobia by aversive drug administration,(More)
Mesenteric visceral infarction occurring after laparoscopic procedures in the upper abdomen may be a direct result of physiologic changes induced by carbon dioxide pneumoperitoneum and other technical elements with these procedures. The reported case is characteristic of a seemingly successful operative result interrupted by this devastating complication.
The retrograde radial fascial forearm flap may be used to provide appropriate tissue coverage for nerve, tendon, or soft tissue defects in the forearm and hand. The procedure is differentiated from the standard radial forearm flap in that the radial artery remains intact when the retrograde radial fascial flap is designed. The rationale, technique, and(More)