Roland Schemers

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Java TM security technology originally focused on creating a safe environment in which to run potentially untrusted code downloaded from the public network. With the latest release of the Java TM Platform (the Java TM 2 Software Development Kit, v 1.2), fine-grained access controls can be placed upon critical resources with regard to the identity of the(More)
This paper describes the new security architecture that has been implemented a s p art of JDK1.2, the forthcoming Java TM Development Kit. In going beyond the sandbox security model in the original release of Java, JDK1.2 provides ne-grained access control via an easily conngurable security policy. Moreover, JDK1.2 introduces the concept of protection(More)
The forthcoming Java TM Development Kit (JDK1.2) provides ne-grained access control via an easily con-gurable security policy. In this paper, we describe the design and implementation in JDK1.2 of the concept of protection domain, which is a cornerstone of the new security architecture. We present design rationales , implementation details, and performance(More)
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