Roland Sambuc

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BACKGROUND Iatrogenic events are increasingly recognised as an important problem in all people admitted to hospital. However, few epidemiological data are available for iatrogenic events in neonatal high-risk units. We aimed to assess the incidence, nature, preventability, and severity of iatrogenic events in a neonatal centre and to establish the(More)
Fatigue has become an important symptom in research and also for clinical diagnosis and follow up. Many physical illnesses, in particular chronic ones such as cancer, are highly associated with fatigue. Various questionnaires for measuring fatigue have been developed, but currently no validated questionnaire exists in French language. We selected the(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe a nosocomial influenza A outbreak, how it was managed, what impact it had on subsequent delivery of health care, and the additional charges attributable to it DESIGN Prospective cohort study and microbiological investigation. SETTING One internal medicine unit in an acute care, university-affiliated hospital. PARTICIPANTS(More)
Health related quality of life (HRQOL) indicators take into account the personal perception of health, and are proposed as an alternative for efficacy indicators in medical and therapeutic decision making. They provide, due to elaboration and validation of a questionnaire, a standardised assessment of the health status perception. This paper provides a(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the impact of continuous incident reporting and subsequent prevention strategies on the incidence of severe iatrogenic events and targeted priorities in admitted neonates. METHODS We performed preintervention (January 1 to September 1, 2005) and postintervention (January 1, 2008, to January 1, 2009) prospective investigations based on(More)
PURPOSE Little is known about the actual management and treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) in clinical practice, although there have been many recent changes, such as the introduction of imatinib. PATIENTS AND METHODS A two-phase cross-sectional observational study with retrospective data collection was conducted in France. In the first phase(More)
HLA DR4 antigens have been considered as a risk factor in periodontal disease. The aim of this "case control" study was to verify and to provide fuller clarification of such data. "Cases" or patients had to be aged between 20 and 48 years. They presented at least 5 sites spread over several teeth with an attachment loss equal or greater than 6 mm, and 10(More)
1. A statistically significant increased risk of schizophrenia for individuals born in winter has been reported. The increase risk is of the order of 5-15 percent. The seasonal effect is more marked among females. This winter birth effect suggests some environmental agents, probably a neuropathogen one, acting on the foetus. 2. The present study sought to(More)
Nonurgent visits to emergency departments (ED) are a controversial issue; they have been negatively associated with crowding and costs. We have conducted a critical review of the literature regarding methods for categorizing ED visits into urgent or nonurgent and analyzed the proportions of nonurgent ED visits. We found 51 methods of categorization.(More)