Roland Rupprecht

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the intrasession reliability of center of pressure (COP) parameters calculated from force platform measurements. DESIGN A cross-sectional study. SETTING Gait and balance laboratory. PARTICIPANTS Community-dwelling healthy older adults (N=63) above the age of 62 years (mean age, 78.74 y). INTERVENTIONS Not applicable. MAIN(More)
In an interdisciplinary project on maintaining and supporting independent living in old age, (a) competence training, (b) memory training and (c) psychomotor training as well as (d) combined competence and psychomotor training and (e) combined memory and psychomotor training was performed with n = 309 elderly of 75 to 89 years of age for 9 months.(More)
Frequency-based analysis of body sway has been used to distinguish between healthy young, healthy elderly adults and elderly adults with Huntingtons disease. Our aim was to assess the reliability of spectral-based outcomes of the centre of pressure (CoP) kinematics in order to determine if these outcomes could be tested for their capability to distinguish(More)
INTRODUCTION As part of the normal ageing process, cognitive deterioration clearly takes place in memory, attention and the information processing speed (IPS). Among the intervention strategies commonly used, combined programmes like those involving memory and psychomotor skills have the greatest beneficial effects on cognition in the short and long term.(More)
Acetylcholine esterase (AchE) inhibitors are widely used to treat senile dementia of Alzheimer's type. The effects of two different AchE inhibitors on the autonomic nervous control of the heart were investigated in 47 patients (33 f, 14 m) with senile dementia of Alzheimer type: 14 patients (12 f, 2 m) received donepezil, 11 patients (7 f, 4 m) were treated(More)
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