Roland Preuss

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Cell movement--for example, during embryogenesis or tumor metastasis--is a complex dynamical process resulting from an intricate interplay of multiple components of the cellular migration machinery. At first sight, the paths of migrating cells resemble those of thermally driven Brownian particles. However, cell migration is an active biological process(More)
The problem of assigning probability distributions which reflect the prior information available about experiments is one of the major stumbling blocks in the use of Bayesian methods of data analysis. In this paper the method of maximum (relative) entropy (ME) is used to translate the information contained in the known form of the likelihood into a prior(More)
Lymphocyte stimulation by different stimulating agents was dose dependently inhibited by D-penicillamine (Metalcaptase-R). The influence of D-penicillamine on the lymphocyte metabolism after the stimulation was established, was time dependently reduced. After preincubation of lymphocytes with D-penicillamine the lymphocyte metabolism was dose dependently(More)
We present a method for the decomposition of the mass spectra of mixed gases using Bayesian probability theory. The method works without any calibration measurement and therefore applies also to the analysis of spectra containing unstable species. For the example of mixtures of three different hydrocarbon gases the algorithm provides concentrations and(More)
In the Biomedical Medical Research laboratory in St. Louis Missouri there is an ongoing project to characterize water diffusion in fixed baboon brain using diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging as a means of monitoring development throughout gestation. Magnetic resonance images can be made sensitive to diffusion by applying magnetic field gradients(More)
Bayesian probability theory along with the maximum entropy concept is widely used for inferential problems, particularly to infer dynamic properties of strongly correlated fermion systems from Quantum-Monte-Carlo (QMC) imaginary time data. In current QMC-applications, however, the error-covariance of the QMC data is not treated consistently. Here we present(More)
Binding of small RNAs by the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase of coliphage Qbeta was studied utilizing a fluorometric assay. A DNA oligonucleotide probe of sequence 5'-d(TTTTTCC) was 5'-end-labeled with pyrene. In this construct, the proximal thymine residues efficiently quench the fluorophore emission in solution. Upon stoichiometric binding of one probe per(More)
Direct interaction between Maillard reaction products (MRPs) and nitric oxide (NO) has been suggested as a pathophysiological mechanism involved in enhanced diabetic arteriosclerosis. Only MRPs without structural characterization have been studied to date. Using chemically synthesized and analytically well defined individual MRPs, we investigated whether(More)
We examine a first order differential equation with respect to time used to describe magnetic islands in magnetically confined plasmas. The free parameters of this equation are obtained by employing Bayesian probability theory. Additionally, a typical Bayesian change point is solved in the process of obtaining the data. INTRODUCTION Magnetic islands are(More)