Roland Pick

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Linear feedback controllers for position servos are designed using afrequency domain optimization method based on X r n theory. This method aims to produce a low-order controller which is 'robust', in the sense that the closed-loop system is guaranteed to meet performance objectives in the presence of unmodelled dynamics. A detailed design of a controller(More)
Transient grating experiments performed on supercooled LiCl, RH2O solutions with R > 6 reveal the existence of well resolved, short time, extra signal which superposes to the normal signal observed for the R = 6 solution and for homogenous glass forming systems. This extra signal shows up below 190 K, its shape and the associated timescale depend only on(More)
Our study has defined normal electrocardiographic standards for Macaca arctoides. It appears that certain species differences exist in the electrocardiogram (ECG) in monkeys and that different criteria for normality may be necessary. Thus, in apparently normal Macaca arctoides a high frequency of Q waves and ST segment elevations of the J point type are(More)
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