Roland Perko

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Novel radar satellite missions also include sensors operating in X-band at very high resolution. The presented study reports methodologies, algorithms and results on forest assessment utilizing such X-band satellite images, namely from TerraSAR-X and COSMO-SkyMed sensors. The proposed procedures cover advanced stereo-radargrammetric and interferometric data(More)
Aerial film cameras are highly standardized measuring systems. The race is on to find a digital successor applicable as a photogrammetric measuring device with clear advantages over film, meeting accepted standards, covering a large field-of-view, maximizing the geometric resolution of terrain surface detail, minimizing the number of flight lines. Some of(More)
In this paper, we present a new application of image segmentation algorithms and an adaptation of the image segmentation method of Tavakoli et al. to the problem of vegetation segmentation. While the traditional goal of image segmentation is to provide a figure/ground segmentation for object recognition or semantic segmentation to assist humans, we propose(More)
The Pléiades satellites provide very high resolution optical data at a swath width of 20 km and a ground sampling distance of about 0.7 m at nadir direction. The sensors are remarkable agile as their pointing angle can be changed in a range of ± 47 degrees. Thus, they are able to collect three images in one over flight representing tri-stereo data. In the(More)
Localization technologies have been an important focus in ubiquitous computing. This paper explores an underrepresented area, namely computer vision technology, for outdoor positioning. More specifically we explore two modes of positioning in a challenging real world scenario: single snapshot based positioning, improved by a novel highdimensional feature(More)
Digital cameras are replacing analog film not only on the consumer market. New digital aerial cameras such as Vexcel Imaging UltraCamD or Z/I DMC implement novel concepts that make the changeover to digital photogrammetry possible. The comparison of image quality of these sensors is important when switching from analog to digital. In this paper we propose(More)