Roland P. Schreieck

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We present experimental and theoretical results on ultrafast nonlinear dynamics in InGaAsP semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs). Carrier heating, spectral hole burning, and two-photon absorption are analyzed by heterodyne pump-probe experiments which deliver basic model parameters like gain-phase coupling parameters of the material. The impact on the(More)
We present measurements of the spectral phase of pulses generated by a hybridly mode-locked monolithic diode laser. A novel measuring technique is applied which relies on the heterodyne detection of beat-signals from spectral components generated by electrooptical mixing. Pulse position relative to the modulation and a linear chirp of both signs strongly(More)
We present results of cross-gain and cross-phase modulation experiments on InGaAsP-based semiconductor optical amplifiers and Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI) switches. For 150-fs input pulses, we observe strong spectral and pulse shape distortions of the signal pulse, especially in the pulse overlap regime. These pulse deteriorations are induced by(More)
We report on a cross-gain and cross-phase modulation experiment in an InGaAsP semiconductor optical ampliier. For 150 fs pulses we observe large pulse broadening and pulse break-up resulting in performance limitations for ultrafast switching devices. Introduction: Semiconductor optical ampliiers (SOA's) are key components in high-speed optical communication(More)
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