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Top 10 plant-parasitic nematodes in molecular plant pathology.
The aim of this review was to undertake a survey of researchers working with plant-parasitic nematodes in order to determine a 'top 10' list of these pathogens based on scientific and economicExpand
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Variations in ribosomal DNA sequences and phylogeny of Globodera parasitising solanaceous plants
The D3 expansion region of the 28S gene and the ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 region of rDNA sequences from Globodera rostochiensis , G. pallida , G. tabacum tabacum , G. tabacum virginiae and G. tabacumExpand
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The Physiology and Biochemistry of Free-living and Plant-parasitic Nematodes
Introduction to functional organization the cuticle musculature and neurobiology behaviour and sensory responses respiratory physiology, nitrogen excretion and osmotic and ionic regulationExpand
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Dormancy and hatching of nematode eggs.
The sequence of events during the hatching process of some parasitic nematodes has been the subject of recent detailed study. Certain factors, such as the trehalose content of the perivitelline fluidExpand
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Chemoreception in plant parasitic nematodes.
The role and functioning of the anterior chemosensory organs of plant parasitic nematodes is examined, with particular emphasis on the amphids. The morphology of the amphids is discussed primarily inExpand
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Desiccation survival and water contents of entomopathogenic nematodes, Steinernema spp. (Rhabditida:Steinernematidae).
The survival of exsheathed infective juveniles (IJs) of 4 Steinernema species, S. glaseri (NC), S. feltiae (UK76), S. carpocapsae (All) and S. riobravis (Biosys355), was assessed following fast andExpand
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