Roland Morgan Jones

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This paper describes a 7.5 year retrospective study of all patients discharged from inpatient forensic services to forensic community team (FCT) follow-up from the Auckland Regional Forensic Psychiatry Service. Patients' files were studied for clinical, criminal, and risk data, type of service delivered, and final level of function achieved in the(More)
BACKGROUND People with schizophrenia who offend do not constitute a homogenous population. Pre-illness characteristics may distinguish groups. AIMS To test for differences in prevalence of childhood risk factors for offending between serious offenders with schizophrenia who had started offending before their first ever psychiatric admission (pre-admission(More)
Akathisia and drug-induced Parkinsonism have traditionally been associated with depression and suicidality based on case study evidence. In this subanalysis, patients with treatment resistant schizophrenia were rated on the Comprehensive Psychopathological Rating Scale, Barnes Akathisia Scale and Simpson-Angus extrapyramidal side-effect scale at two time(More)
A small but significant relationship between schizophrenia and violence is well established, but not yet fully explained. Research has highlighted anger as an important factor in precipitating actual violence in general and psychiatric populations. However, anger has not been extensively studied as a risk factor for violence in people with schizophrenia and(More)
BACKGROUND Individuals with repetitive or impulsive aggression in the absence of other disorders may be diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder according to DSM-IV, but no such diagnostic category exists in ICD-10. Mood stabilisers are often used off-license for the treatment of aggression associated with a variety of psychiatric conditions, but(More)
People with mental disorder and people who are violent are separately recognised as being at high risk of suicide. People detained in high security hospitals are recognised for their violence to others, but perhaps less so for their suicide potential. We aimed to investigate suicide rates among such patients during and after their high security hospital(More)
Convictions for taking, possessing and distributing pornographic photographs of children have increased with the growing use of the Internet. Previous studies of any progression to contact offences have been small scale and only a few of these have included an investigation of subsequent reconvictions for use of illegal and especially of child pornography.(More)
BACKGROUND Though slowly growing, knowledge about prisoners detained for having violated an Alien Act is still marginal and most studies involve detained asylum seekers in the USA and Australia. Little is known about prevalence rates of mental health disorders in such a population. The Brief Jail Mental Health Screening BJMHS has been demonstrated in other(More)