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We describe a new preservation modality combining machine perfusion (MP) at subnormothermic conditions(21 °C) with a new hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier (HBOC) solution. MP (n=6) was compared to cold static preservation (CSP; n=6) in porcine orthotopic liver transplants after 9 h of cold ischemia and 5-day follow-up. Recipients' peripheral blood, serial(More)
Few studies of analgesia induced by electrical brain stimulation have examined the effects of brain stimulation on responses to tonic pain stimuli. Recent evidence suggests that analgesia for tonic and phasic pain may involve different neural substrates. The present study examined the effects of lateral hypothalamic (LH) stimulation on responses to tonic(More)
OBJECTIVE Elevated serum amyloid A (SAA) levels are associated with increased cardiovascular risk in humans. Because SAA associates primarily with lipoproteins in plasma and has proteoglycan binding domains, we postulated that SAA might mediate lipoprotein retention on atherosclerotic extracellular matrix. METHODS AND RESULTS Immunohistochemistry was(More)
Background: Chagas disease is still a public health problem because of the remaining high prevalence , the expansion of the disease into developed countries and the re-emergences by oral transmission outbreaks. Chagas cardiomyopathy evolves as a consequence of an autonomic un-balance where the parasympathetic tone is undermined. Objective: To determine the(More)
Chronic treatment of rats with a variety of antidepressants results in the down-regulation of beta-1-adrenoceptors in the amygdaloid nuclei. The present study sought to determine if this specific neurochemical effect caused an alteration in inhibitory avoidance conditioning, a behavior considered to be mediated by beta-adrenoceptors in the amygdala. Rats(More)
A, et al. Slope analysis of somatosensory evoked potentials in spinal cord injury for detecting contusion injury and focal demyelination. A functional role for EGFR signaling in myelination and remyelination. The therapeutic mode of action of 4-aminopyridine in cerebellar ataxia. A mouse juvenile or adult slice with preserved functional nigro-striatal(More)
The present study was designed to determine if analgesia for tonic pain could be induced with self-administered lateral hypothalamic (LH) stimulation. The majority of studies of LH stimulation employed behaviorally non-contingent stimulation. According to some investigators behaviorally non-contingent LH stimulation might be aversive and consequently yield(More)
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