Roland Linder

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MOTIVATION Human decisions often proceed in two steps. Initially those most preferred are chosen followed by a subsequent choice of these preferences. Applying one artificial neural network (ANN), a classification is limited to the preselection process. The final categorization is only possible by a subsequent ANN that distinguishes the pre-chosen classes.(More)
Wider use of pain assessment tools that are specifically designed for certain types of pain--such as neuropathic pain--contribute an increasing amount of information which in turn offers the opportunity to employ advanced methods of data analysis. In this manuscript, we present the results of a study where we employed artificial neural networks (ANNs) in an(More)
SUMMARY For diagnosis and classification of dysphonia, voice specialists can choose from an array of diagnostic tools like perceptual tests or acoustic voice analysis. These methods have in common that they require a high level of specialized training and experience, and therefore are mostly reserved to specialized centers. We aimed at developing an(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is a slowly progressing but fatal disease that imposes a high economic burden on sickness funds and society. The objective of this study was to analyze and compare the direct and indirect costs of CLL in Germany from the perspective of the sickness funds and society and analyze the burden of the disease. (More)
Multi-resistant pathogens are a serious problem on a considerable scale for the health sector. Patients with infections induced by multi-resistant bacteria cause enormous additional treatment costs of around 20,500 € per insured. Due to the recently used billing and documentation system there is a significant shortage of information transparency. The(More)
The present study is one of the few that includes tissue samples in the evaluation of target prediction algorithms designed to detect microRNA (miRNA) sequences that might interact with particular messenger RNA (mRNA) sequences. Twelve different target prediction tools were used to find miRNA sequences that might interact with CCL20 gene expression.(More)
BACKGROUND The cost of colorectal cancer (CRC) treatment is a crucial parameter to inform cost-effectiveness analyses on CRC screening but it is not readily available and therefore often lacking. We aimed to elaborate and exemplify a pragmatic approach to estimate CRC treatment cost based on health insurance data from Germany. METHODS We included two(More)
BACKGROUND Marfan syndrome is a rare disease of the connective tissues, affecting multiple organ systems. Elevated morbidity and mortality in these patients raises the issue of costs for sickness funds and society. To date, there has been no study analysing the costs of Marfan syndrome from a sickness fund and societal perspective. OBJECTIVE To estimate(More)