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MOTIVATION Human decisions often proceed in two steps. Initially those most preferred are chosen followed by a subsequent choice of these preferences. Applying one artificial neural network (ANN), a classification is limited to the preselection process. The final categorization is only possible by a subsequent ANN that distinguishes the pre-chosen classes.(More)
SUMMARY For diagnosis and classification of dysphonia, voice specialists can choose from an array of diagnostic tools like perceptual tests or acoustic voice analysis. These methods have in common that they require a high level of specialized training and experience, and therefore are mostly reserved to specialized centers. We aimed at developing an(More)
The 2004 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine laureates, Richard Axel and Linda Buck, have made smell a less enigmatic sense to study. In clinical routine, olfactory function is assessed using defined concentrations of a single defined substance, a setting which is uncommon in daily life. The present study was therefore conducted to evaluate the(More)
BACKGROUND The continuous growth of medical sciences literature indicates the need for automated text analysis. Scientific writing which is neither unitary, transcending social situation nor defined by a timeless idea is subject to constant change as it develops in response to evolving knowledge, aims at different goals, and embodies different assumptions(More)