Roland Lang

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Project ARS (artificial recognition system) researches the future possibilities for building automation using bionic approaches. It focuses on the combination of bottom-up data processing systems with decision making inspired by modern psychoanalysis. We define a model based on a symbol processing unit and a decision unit implementing Sigmund Freud's(More)
In today's technical world (e.g., in the automotive industry), more and more purely mechanical components get replaced by electro-mechanical ones. Thus the size and complexity of embedded systems steadily increases. To cope with this development, comfortable software engineering tools are being developed that allow a more functionality-oriented development(More)
— The project ARS (Artificial Recognition System) develops a novel approach to decision making in the domain of building automation systems. Concepts from neurology, psychology , and psychoanalysis are used for this approach. We give a short overview about this decision making concept, the simulation environment, and results from simulation experiments.(More)
To be able to develop reasoning units based on findings from sciences like behaviorism, psychology, neurology, and psychoanalysis, a test bed which is close to these sciences is needed. A possible approach is to use cognitive agents situated within a game of artificial life. Using such a simulated environment reduces the abstraction step from the origin(More)
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