Roland Klemke

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Researchers from various fields (among which are Artificial Intelligence, Computer Supported Co-operative Work, Information Retrieval, Software Engineering, and Knowledge Engineering) try to address issues in Organisational Memories (OM). Many of these approaches also identify the meaning of context for information captured inside an OM. Up to now context(More)
With Internet technology and other information systems that are available today users can often easily find the information needed. However, there are still several situations, in which users do not succeed to get the information required. In this paper we suggest context models to help users finding information in adequate quantity and quality. In general,(More)
This article deals with educational opportunities for mixed reality games and related scenarios for learning. It discusses several issues and educational challenges to be tackled when linking augmented reality and augmented virtuality. Second, the paper describes the architecture of the ARLearn system which offers highly flexible support for different(More)
Web-based Intelligent Design and Tutoring System (WINDS) is a European project with the objective to implement a learning environment integrating an intelligent tutoring system, a computer instruction management system and a set of cooperative tools. This environment will be used to build a large knowledge base supporting Architecture and Civil Engineering(More)
Mobile learning games have increasingly been topic of educational research with the intention to utilize their manifold and ubiquitous capabilities for learning and teaching. This paper presents a review of current research activities in the field. It particularly focuses is on the educational values serious mobile games provide. The study results(More)
The Broker's Lounge is a shell for knowledge structuring and dynamic user interface generation which supports the personalisation of both information structures and user interfaces, emphasising options for context change and multi-dimensional constraint propagation. Two major applications have been developed so far: ELFI, an advisor that manages knowledge(More)