Roland Klaer

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IS4 DNA has been isolated in pure form. Hybridization of this DNA against restricted DNA of several E.coli K12 strains by Southern's blotting technique has shown that, in most strains, only one copy of IS4 is present. Though the restriction fragments around this site differ in size, IS4 can be shown always to be located at the same site. In one strain, one(More)
IS-elements are devoid of easily recognizable transacting functions and exert their visible effects in the position cis only (recent reviews Calos and Miller 1980; Starlinger 1980). It has been a matter of debate, whether these elements encode functions for their own transposition. In the case of the E. coli IS-elements this could not easily be determined(More)
To compare exercise echocardiography (EE) and dipyridamole echocardiography (DE), echocardiographically assessable wall motion abnormalities were examined in 80 patients with suspected coronary artery disease. Issues of the study were the evaluation of feasibility, sensitivity, specificity, and the necessity of recordings under dynamic maximal stress (peak(More)
The frequency of prosthetic heart valve malfunction caused by intrinsic factors has been markedly decreased by refinements of prosthetic design and by improved quality of the prosthetic material. Nevertheless, a variety of extrinsic factors, i.e. thrombus formation, bacterial endocarditis, inadequate suture technique and papillary muscle entrapment, are(More)
IS4-DNA has been hybridized to separated DNA fragments of E. coli K12 strain M28 and to three mutants caused by transposition of IS4 to galT. The parental strain shows one band hybridizing to IS4 representing one copy of IS4 in the chromosome. The mutants have this copy retained and show in addition a second band corresponding to the IS4 copy in galT. The(More)
Three mutations caused by the integration of IS4 in galT in both possible orientations were shown by DNA sequence analysis to be integrated between a duplication of eleven base pairs of gene galT. IS4 has been cloned from its single position on the E. coli K12 chromosome. Here, 12 base pairs are duplicated adjacent to IS4. This sequence is unrelated to the(More)
To evaluate the diagnostic potential of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to diagnose and evaluate tricuspid incompetence (TI), right ventricular angiography (RVA) and MRI were compared in 51 patients. For angiographic semi-quantification a 4-grade modified Sellers classification was used. Several MRI-parameters (jet volume, jet area, number of slices with(More)
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