Roland Kalb

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BACKGROUND Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) has gone through fundamental changes since its introduction in 1938 and has developed from a frightening and distrusted procedure into an effective and safe treatment for people with severe psychiatric disorders. This study suggests that ECT has an effect on the response times of simple and complex tasks. METHODS(More)
Depressions increase reaction times and antidepressant treatment decreases them. Is it possible to get information, how these two conditions affect the stimulus-response pathway? Therefore, auditory and visual, left-hand and right-hand, simple and choice reaction times were measured in 38 patients with depression and 30 healthy control subjects. From these(More)
Over recent years ionic liquids have gained in importance, causing a growing number of scientists and engineers to investigate possible applications for these liquids because of their unique physical and chemical properties. Their outstanding advantages such as nonflammable liquid within a broad liquid range, high thermal, mechanical, and chemical(More)
Many anatomical and brain mapping studies show a higher bilateral symmetry of female brains and a higher asymmetry of male brains so correlations between simple visual and auditory, left- and right-hand reaction times were examined for such sex differences. 20 healthy women and 20 men were tested in two sessions. For women all six response times correlated(More)
Schizophrenia is associated with cortical asymmetries concentrated in the left fronto-temporal hemisphere. In order to look for functional asymmetries between the two hemispheres, the stimulus-response times of patients were split into smaller periods and the interhemispheric and intrahemispheric correlations between these periods were investigated. Three(More)
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