Roland K Morley

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There has been considerable interest in the contribution of inheritance to determination of handedness and in observed associations between hand laterality and twinning, gender and age. Unpublished data from a study of children born preterm suggested an association between AB0 blood group and handedness. A questionnaire filled in by 3815 blood donors, gave(More)
BACKGROUND Onartuzumab, a recombinant humanized monovalent monoclonal antibody directed against MET, the receptor for the hepatocyte growth factor, has been investigated for the treatment of solid tumors. This publication describes the safety profile of onartuzumab in patients with solid tumors using data from the global onartuzumab clinical development(More)
Biomaterials integrate with the anatomy and provide support to the weakened area. They are generally synthetic, but natural substances are also used. These substances are being increasingly used in stress urinary incontinence. This article discusses the various biomaterials, minimally invasive techniques, and recent advances for the treatment of female(More)
INTRODUCTION Transient myopia has been reported to occur in a number of conditions, either ocular in origin or associated with an underlying systemic cause. We present a rare case of this abnormality occurring in the setting of systemic tuberculosis. CASE PRESENTATION A 29-year-old Indian woman presented with sudden onset blurred distance vision and(More)
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