Roland Köberle

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We show that the " boundary crossing-unitarity equation " recently proposed by Ghoshal and Zamolodchikov is a consequence of the boundary boot-strap equation for the S-matrix and the wall-bootstrap equation. We solve this set of equations for all affine Toda theories related to simply laced Lie algebras, obtaining explicit formulas for the W-matrix which(More)
We study the reconstruction of visual stimuli from spike trains, representing the reconstructed stimulus by a Volterra series up to second order. We illustrate this procedure in a prominent example of spiking neurons, recording simultaneously from the two H1 neurons located in the lobula plate of the fly Chrysomya megacephala. The fly views two types of(More)
We dynamically analyze our experimental results on the motion sensitive spiking H1 neuron of the fly's visual system. We find that the fly uses an alphabet composed of a few letters to encode the information contained in the stimulus. The alphabet dynamics is multifractal both with and without stimulus, though the multifractality increases with the stimulus(More)
Is the characterization of biological systems as complex systems in the mathematical sense a fruitful assertion? In this paper we argue in the affirmative, although obviously we do not attempt to confront all the issues raised by this question. We use the fly's visual system as an example and analyse our experimental results of one particular neuron in the(More)
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