Roland Jochem

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The capability for collaboration is a key success factor for networked enterprises. The paper introduces a methodology supporting the application of Enterprise Modelling in order to improve the maturity for collaboration. The methodology considers the current status of maturity for interoperability for deducing the right modelling approach. The approach is(More)
Interoperability as a key to the global market is often hindered by a lack of continuity of IT solutions but also by organizational and cultural differences between companies. The paper describes a methodology for assessment of Enterprise Interoperability leading to a possible solution by Enterprise Interoperability Management. An initial concept for(More)
Success is not a static figure; it has to be constantly secured anew. The adaptability to changing competitive requirements is becoming a crucial factor of performance. The company of the future needs to be oriented towards integrated and model-based planning to allow open, flexible and changeable structures and business processes. This paper introduces a(More)