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Asymmetric digital subscriber lines (ADSLs) employ discrete multitone modulation (DMT) as transmission format, where subcarriers are assigned to the up- and/or downstream transmission direction. To separate up- and downstream signals, the ADSL standard allows the use of echo cancellation resulting in improved bit rates, reach, and/or noise margins. In(More)
The formation of a sulfuranyl radical intermediate followed by methyl transfer to the nickel(I) center of coenzyme F430 and generation of the disulfide has been proposed as a possible mechanism for the formation of methane catalyzed by methyl coenzyme M reductase in methanogenic archaea. In order to test this hypothesis, a sterically shielded, bifunctional(More)
CD26 is a proteolytic enzyme (dipeptidylpeptidase IV) expressed on the T cell surface that defines an alternative activation signal for human T lymphocytes. Crosslinking of CD26 via monoclonal antibodies triggers proliferation and cytotoxicity in preactivated T cells. In this study, we used highly specific competitive and irreversible inhibitors of(More)
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