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A NMR microprobe based on microstrip technology suitable for investigations of volume-limited samples in the low nanoliter range was designed. NMR spectra of sample quantities in the 100 pmol range can be obtained with this probe in a few seconds. The planar geometry of the probe is easily adaptable to the size and geometry requirements of the samples.
Surface modification by laser irradiation is in the core of many modern processing and fabrication techniques, including laser surface alloying, cladding, annealing, and hardening, e.g. [1–6]. The improvement of surface properties is achieved by structural and compositional surface modification through the formation of metastable crystalline and amorphous(More)
The PAMONO-sensor (plasmon assisted microscopy of nano-objects) demonstrated an ability to detect and quantify individual viruses and virus-like particles. However, another group of biological vesicles-microvesicles (100-1000 nm)-also attracts growing interest as biomarkers of different pathologies and needs development of novel techniques for(More)
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