Roland Gockeln

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The multifocal ERG using the m-sequence stimulation technique allows the derivation of 61 – 241 local ERG signals in a central visual field of about 60 degree diameter in a short time between 4 and 16 min. A recording in a light adapted state offers local information comparable to cone responses in the full-field ERG. Retinal functional losses due to(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical decompresssion of the orbit may be considered as a suitable form of therapy if, as a result of the increased volume inside the orbit, there are motility disorders such as diplopia or a progressive decrease in visual acuity. In view of the fact that this operation will not cure the underlying disease, the treatment should be as mild as(More)
BACKGROUND The color arrangement test can be applied for early diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy, even small confusion of colors influence clinical diagnosis. It is therefore necessary to be aware of influential factors. METHODS Forty-four patients with color-experience (VW-Werk Wolfsburg) were included and devided in two groups: group 1: non-smokers(More)
BACKGROUND To compare intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements obtained with the digital tonometer TGDc-01 'PRA' with those from a Goldmann applanation tonometer (GAT). METHODS The IOP in 176 eyes of 88 healthy volunteers was measured prospectively in a sitting position. One single measurement, generated by the TGDc-01 PRA, was compared with a single(More)
Hintergrund. Autogene Knochentransplantate sind fester Bestandteil der Traumatologie des Gesichtsschädels. Ziel dieser Arbeit war die Erfolgsbewertung autogener Knochentransplantate bei der Versorgung der traumatisch geschädigten Orbita hinsichtlich Funktion und Ästhetik. Patienten und Methodik. Es wurden 102 knöcherne Defekte der Orbita durch autogene(More)
The LEW/Ztm-ci2 rat is an animal model for syndromal deafness that arose from a spontaneous mutation. Homozygous animals show locomotor abnormalities like lateralized circling behavior. Additionally, an impaired vision can be observed in some animals through behavioral studies. Syndromal deafness as well as retinal degeneration are features of the Usher(More)
Morbus Usher (USH), a combination of sensorineural hearing loss and retinal visual impairment, is classified into group I–III. USH I patients are born deaf. Within the first 10 years of life, they develop a severe vision impairment due to progressive retinal dystrophy (retinitis pigmentosa). USH I patients show vestibular deficits. The incidence of USH I(More)
We report the case of a patient who experienced recurrent elevations of intraocular pressure during haemodialysis. We measured a rise in intraocular pressure of 10-12 mmHg after dialysis. The lens showed intumescence, and a ciliary block was detected by means of Orbscan II. Within 6 h findings had normalized. Changes in serum osmolarity due to haemodialysis(More)
Wir berichten über einen Patienten mit rezidivierendem Tensioanstieg unter Hämodialyse. Nach der Dialyse maßen wir einen Augeninnendruckanstieg von 10–12 mmHg. Die Linse quoll, und ein Ziliarblock wurde mit dem Orbscan II nachgewiesen. Innerhalb von 6 h normalisierten sich die Veränderungen. Zu Flüssigkeitsverschiebungen zwischen verschiedenen(More)
BACKGROUND Autogenous bone transplantation is a well established aspect of craniofacial traumatology. This study evaluated functional and esthetic success in repairing traumatically damaged orbits by autogenous bone transplantation. PATIENTS AND METHODS We repaired 102 osseous orbital defects by autogenous bone transplantation, 98 by calvarium split graft(More)