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The time course of the reduction in brain protein synthesis following transient bilateral ischemia in the gerbil was characterized and compared with changes in a number of metabolites related to brain energy metabolism. The recovery of brain protein synthesis was similar following ischemic periods of 5, 10, or 20 min; in vitro incorporation activity of(More)
Alarms in medical devices are a matter of concern in critical and perioperative care. The high rate of false alarms is not only a nuisance for patients and caregivers, but can also compromise patient safety and effectiveness of care. The development of alarm systems has lagged behind the technological advances of medical devices over the last 20 years. From(More)
Robust versions of the exponential and Holt-Winters smoothing method for forecasting are presented. They are suitable for forecasting univariate time series in presence of outliers. The robust exponential and Holt-Winters smoothing methods are presented as a recursive updating scheme. Both the update equation and the selection of the smoothing parameters(More)
Abrupt shifts in the level of a time series represent important information and should be preserved in statistical signal extraction. We investigate rules for detecting level shifts that are resistant to outliers and which work with only a short time delay. The properties of robustified versions of the t-test for two independent samples and its(More)
A better understanding of disease progression is beneficial for early diagnosis and appropriate individual therapy. Many different approaches for statistical modelling of cumulative disease progression have been proposed in the literature, including simple path models up to complex restricted Bayesian networks. Important fields of application are diseases(More)
Nowadays physicians are confronted with high-dimensional data generated by clinical information systems. The proper extraction and interpretation of the information contained in such massive data sets, which are often observed with high sampling frequencies, can hardly be done by experience only. This yields new perspectives of data recording and also sets(More)