Roland Dujardin

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There is a lack of data on environmental benzene exposure in children. In this study, we compared personal benzene exposure and inhalation uptake in a group of children to those of their parents. We also compared levels of urinary benzene metabolites, trans,trans-muconic acid (MA) and hydroquinone (HQ), for those two groups, and assessed the correlation(More)
Following the wreck of the oil tanker ERIKA off the north-west coast of France in December 1999, cleaning up of the beaches involved considerable work, which in any case could not be perfect. This raised the question of the short- and long-term health risks for the future bathers related to the toxicity of the remaining oil polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons(More)
Physiological reactions during exercise were tested under hyperoxic and hyperbaric conditions. In 6 subjects walking and running at increasing speeds on a treadmill, maximum performance showed little change when the respired air was enriched with O2. Maximum metabolism, measured by CO2 production, increased by 3.2%. During exercise on a bicycle ergometer,(More)
The n-octanol/water partition coefficient (Pow) is one of the most important parameters employed for estimating a chemical's environmental fate and toxicity. The currently adopted test guidelines for its determination do not allow for reliable determination of log Pow greater than 5. The slow-stirring experiment, in contrast, has been demonstrated to(More)
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