Roland De Maria

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A procedure for the determination of nitro-substiruted polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (nitro-PAH) on crude air-particulate and soil extracts is introduced. Elimination of purification and fractionation procedures was made possible by the use of both a selective ionization method, such as electron-capture chemical ionization, and a specific fragmentation(More)
OBJECTIVE We suggest standardizing aortic valve repair using a physiologic approach by associating root remodeling with resuspension of the cusp effective height and external subvalvular aortic ring annuloplasty. METHODS A total of 187 patients underwent remodeling associated with subvalvular aortic ring annuloplasty (14 centers, 24 surgeons). Three(More)
For the FAIR-project at GSI a model dipole was built at BNL with the nominal field of 4 T and a nominal ramp rate of 1 T/s. The magnet design was similar to the RHIC dipole, with some changes for loss reduction and better cooling. The magnet was already successfully tested in a vertical cryostat, with good training behaviour. Cryogenic losses were measured(More)
A significant reduction of beta* requires a new beam crossing scheme to overcome the consequence of the luminosity loss factor. We define in this paper the parameters of a possible solution taking advantage of an early separation scheme optionally supplemented by a weak crab crossing. Large aperture (150 mm) Nb<sub>3</sub>Sn triplet quadrupoles are chosen(More)
The automatic analyser is based on a photoelectric aerosol sensor, with continuous sampling and an on-line detection system. Traditional sampling monitoring systems consist of collecting airborne particulate on filters; the sample is then extracted, purified and analysed. It is possible to identify each compound and to determine its relative abundance in(More)
We present experimental methods and results for the measurement of the magnetic field fluctuation and beam screen vibration in the LHC magnets. These noises can lead to an emittance growth in proton beams if they have spectral components at the betatron lines. Preliminary estimates of the effects are given.
The planned upgrade of the LHC collimation system includes additional collimators in the LHC lattice. The longitudinal space for the collimators could be obtained by replacing some LHC main dipoles with shorter but stronger dipoles compatible with the LHC lattice and main systems. A joint development program with the goal of building a 5.5 m long two-in-one(More)
The High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) project aims at accumulating 3000 fb<sup>-1</sup> in the years 2023-2035, i.e., ten times more w.r.t. the nominal LHC performance expected for 2010-2021. One key element to reach this challenging performance is a new insertion region to reduce the beam size in the interaction point by approximately a factor two. This(More)
Fast-ramping superconducting (SC) accelerator magnets are the subject of R&amp;D efforts at various laboratories. The simulation of field quality in fast-ramping magnets requires modifications of magnet design tools such as the CERN field computation program ROXIE. In this paper we present the efforts towards dynamic 2-D simulations of fast-ramping SC(More)
The presence of natural or artificial barriers placed near the air quality measuring stations located in an urban environment poses some problems in the assessment of their siting and significance. The atmospheric flow distortion induced by these structures can create situations that affect the concentration levels of measured pollutants. A modelling study(More)