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<i>Splay trees</i>, a type of self-adjusting search tree, are introduced and analyzed. Since they have been widely used in search problems, any performance improvements will yield great benefits. First, the paper introduces some background about splay trees and memory hierarchies. Then, it presents two heuristic algorithms, based on research in reference(More)
The deployment of a wireless sensor network to monitor subjects' locations and relative distances during psychological experiments is discussed. As its primary function, an overhead array of ultra-sound sensors automatically tracks a parent, child and stranger over a 4.45 m×4.23 m observation area. The array of ultrasonic-equipped motes can resolve two(More)
The application of Kalman filtering to track subjects' movements during a behavioral experiment is discussed. Specifically, an overhead array of wireless, ultrasound sensors automatically tracks the position of a parent, child, and stranger over a 4.45 m × 4.23 m observation area. This WiPsy (Wireless sensors for Psychology research) system provides(More)
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