Roland Cazalis

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Plants contain several genes encoding thioredoxin h. In cereals, type-h thioredoxins are abundant in developing and germinating grains, but the mechanism regulating the expression of these genes and their specific function is poorly known. The cloning of three full-length cDNAs encoding thioredoxin h, stated Trxh1, Trxh2 and Trxh3, from wheat (Triticum(More)
Chloroplastic thioredoxins f and m (TRX f and TRX m) mediate light regulation of carbon metabolism through the activation of Calvin cycle enzymes. The role of TRX f and m in the activation of Calvin cycle enzymes is best known among the TRX family. However, the discoveries of new potential targets extend the functions of chloroplastic TRXs to other(More)
Glutathione status and its relationship to molecular weight distribution (MWD) of wheat polymeric protein (PP) during the grain development have been examined. Changes in reduced glutathione (GSH), glutathione disulfide (GSSG), and protein-glutathione mixed disulfide (PSSG) levels were followed through reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography(More)
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