Roland Cahen

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Corpus-based concatenative synthesis (CBCS) builds on a large database of segmented and descriptor-analysed sounds that are selected and played according to proximity to a target position in the descriptor space. This can be seen as a content-based extension to granular synthesis providing direct access to specific sound characteristics in real-time. The(More)
This paper shows methods for defining and rendering Sound Level of Detail (SLOD) for audiographic scenes using corpus-based granular synthesis. We introduce three levels of detail for sound (individual events, statistical texture, background din), to define a proximity profile around the listener. The smooth transition between the levels is assured(More)
<i>Plumage</i> is an interface for interactive 3D audio/graphic scene browsing and design. The interface relies on the notion of tape heads in a sonic and graphic 3D space made of feathers associated with sound micro-samples. The spatial layout of the feathers is defined by sound parameters of the associated samples. The musical play is the outcome of a(More)
The PHASE project is a research project devoted to the study and the realization of systems of multi-modal interaction for generation, handling and control of sound and music. Supported by the network RIAM (Recherche et Innovation en Audiovisuel et Multimédia), it was carried out by the CEA-LIST for haptic research, Haption for the realization of the haptic(More)
Dirty Tangible Interfaces (DIRTI) are a new concept in interface design that forgoes the dogma of repeatability in favor of a richer and more complex experience, constantly evolving, never reversible, and infinitely modifiable. We built a prototype interface realizing the DIRTI principles based on low-cost commodity hardware and kitchenware: A video camera(More)
In audio-graphic scenes, visual and audio modalities are synchronized in time and space, and their behaviour is determined by a common process. We present here a novel way of modeling audio-graphic content for interactive 3D scenes with the concept of sound processes and their activation through 2D or 3D profiles. Many 3D applications today support both(More)
This paper describes the main ideas developed in the ENIGMES (Experimentation of New Gestual Interfaces for Electroacoustic Music and Sound. It took place in 2006 at the ENSCi (National Superior School of Industrial Creation) and gathered students, teachers, artists and researchers on the theme of "navigable scores".
PHASE is a research project concerning multi-modal systems for generation, handling and control of sound and music. Some of the research results have been implemented in an interactive installation, a musical game integrating various metaphors. This installation, open to the public at the G. Pompidou museum for three months, was an extraordinary success(More)
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