Roland C Wolf

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The molecular events during nongenotoxic carcinogenesis and their temporal order are poorly understood but thought to include long-lasting perturbations of gene expression. Here, we have investigated the temporal sequence of molecular and pathological perturbations at early stages of phenobarbital (PB) mediated liver tumor promotion in vivo. Molecular(More)
The magnetic-field perturbation produced by the dynamic ergodic divertor in TEXTOR changes the topology of the magnetic field in the plasma edge, creating an open chaotic system. The perturbation spectrum contains only a few dominant harmonics and therefore it can be described by an analytical model. The modeling is performed in the vacuum approximation(More)
We have measured the mass of the 2 boson to be 91.11 f0.23 GeV/c2, and its width-' .-to be 1.61~~.~~ GeV. If we constrain the visible width to its Standard Model value, we find the partial width to invisible decay modes to be 0.62 f 0.23 GeV, corresponding to 3.8 f 1.4 neutrino species. c-. We present measurements by the Mark II detector at the SLAC Linear(More)
We describe an algorithm for identifying point-source transients and moving objects on reference-subtracted optical images containing artifacts of processing and instrumentation. The algorithm makes use of the supervised machine learning technique known as Random Forest. We present results from its use in the Dark Energy Survey Supernova program (DES-SN),(More)
The article presents a detailed investigation of the fast disruption mitigation valve developed at FZJ Juelich. The essence of this study is the novel direct observation of the piston motion by means of a fast framing camera. The piston stroke and the injection duration are shown to strongly depend on the operational pressure and the used gas. The same is(More)
The ergodization of the magnetic field lines imposed by the dynamic ergodic diverter (DED) in TEXTOR can lead both to confinement improvement and to confinement deterioration. The cases of substantial improvement are in resonant ways related to particular conditions in which magnetic flux tubes starting at the X points of induced islands are connected with(More)
278 The Cytochrome P450 (CYP) system is involved in 90% of the human body's interactions with xenobiotics and due to this, it has become an area of avid research including the creation of transgenic mice. This paper proposes a three-compartment model which is used to explain the drug metabolism in the Hepatic Reductase Null (HRN) mouse developed by the(More)
In this paper the manipulation of power deposition on divertor targets at DIII-D by application of resonant magnetic perturbations (RMPs) is analysed. It has been found that heat transport shows a different reaction to the applied RMP depending on the plasma pedestal collisionality. At pedestal electron collisionality above 0.5 the heat flux during the ELM(More)
Fusion energy research has in the past 40 years focused primarily on the tokamak concept, but recent advances in plasma theory and computational power have led to renewed interest in stellarators. The largest and most sophisticated stellarator in the world, Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X), has just started operation, with the aim to show that the earlier weaknesses(More)