Roland C. Starr

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Objective measures (kinematics and kinetics) were used to study prospectively the effects of botulinum toxin A (BTX/A) on the gastro-soleus muscle in ambulant children with cerebral palsy. In this prospective before and after trial, 15 children with diplegia and 10 children with hemiplegia were studied (mean age 5 years 7 months, range 4 years to 9 years).(More)
The intra-subject repeatability of measuring the three dimensional (3D) angular kinematics of the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex during running was evaluated. Spatio-temporal parameters were found to be repeatable. All angular kinematic parameters displayed high within-day repeatability despite numerous potential sources of variability in the data. Most angular(More)
The repeatability of energy-expenditure measurements were studied in five children and four adults without disabilities using the Cosmed K4 (high technology). The ability to detect change in measurements was compared between this instrument and the Physiological Cost Index (PCI; low technology). The results of repeatability (95% range) for oxygen cost were(More)
INTRODUCTION Knee osteoarthritis causes debilitating pain, and results in characteristic gait changes. Some authors believe that a system of neuromuscular retraining may improve these parameters. We therefore evaluated a novel brace that combines pneumatic joint unloading and active swing-assist to assess: (1) differences in pain levels or medication usage;(More)
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